Pre-Settlement Funding

If you have been injured and have a Lawyer

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Contact Us (866) 8-ROCKET


We are ready to Help!


Cash Advances from $5,00 to $250,000

Our financial partners have provided  over $100,000 Cash Advances


Call   (866) 8-ROCKET  or

Call (866) 876-2538

We can provide you with a cash advance within 72 hours.

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Contact Our Rocket Team (866) 8-ROCKET or (866) 876-2538


Financial Emergency

Accidents are never planned and we are here to Help! Pre-Settlement Cash Advances are an easy way to pay bills while you wait for your case to settle!


We provide Cash Advances for Personal Injuries!

Cash Advance(s) No Recourse – If you don’t win your case you pay nothing!

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 (866) 8-ROCKET  or (866) 876-2538

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